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HOME Artist Film is a unique project for the production, distribution, exhibition, training and development of artist film. HOME Artist Film was set up as Cornerhouse Artist Film in 2011 by Professor Sarah Perks to investigate new methods of production, distribution and exhibition. Specifically designed for artist long form and feature film – but not restricted to – this project was initially designed to exploit HOME’s unique bridge between visual art networks, artists, art book distribution and independent film exhibition. Our ground-breaking work in the production, presentation and distribution of artist-led features launched the next chapter in our long-standing support of experimental film and video since Cornerhouse opened in 1985.

Cornerhouse Artist Film first co-commissioned and distributed Turner Prize winner Self Made (2010), followed by Andrew Kötting’s Swandown (2012). Swandown was selected for competition in the ACID section of Cannes International Film Festival in 2013. Cornerhouse then embarked on lead producing two very different but rewarding productions – Rough Cut (Jamie Shovlin, 2013) and Subconscious Society (Rosa Barba, 2014). Both existed in exhibition and single screen version, with Rough Cut a collaboration with Toronto International Film Festival and screened at Rotterdam International Film Festival in 2014. We also provided a bespoke distribution for the fabulous Art Party (2014) a film by Tim Newton & Bob and Roberta Smith, an important critique of Michael Gove’s education policy against the arts in schools. We arranged for groups to screen the film and throw their own art parties across the UK on the day that the GCSE results were announced.

HOME Artist Film (the name was changed to reflect our new building, our new HOME!!) continued the strength of merging production, distribution and exhibition to enable both artist and audience development strategies. HOME co-launched Feature Expanded with Lo schermo dell’arte in 2015, the world’s first feature film development programme for visual artists making their debut film in any genre. The latest theatrical releases have been Edith Walks (Andrew Kötting, 2016), Rey (Niles Attalah, 2017) and Lek and the Dogs (Andrew Kötting, 2017). Multiple award-winning documentary Island of the Hungry Ghosts (Gabrielle Brady, 2017) will receive a UK-wide release from Fri 11 Jan 2019.

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