Gaia Project

Founded in 2014 by artist-curator, James Brady.

With a collaborative and ethical ethos, Gaia Project is a small, not-for-profit, independent publishing and curatorial initiative operating at the intersection of Art and Ecology – or indeed, in that poetic space where Art becomes Ecology, and where Ecology becomes Art.

Its purpose is to make forms of critical and creative writing, artists’ monographs and exhibition catalogues in this interdisciplinary field widely accessible – supporting the international Ecological Art community with new voice through which to communicate its transformative, vanguard vision. Alongside other integrated curatorial activity (social events, exhibitions, etc.) Gaia Project publishes mostly in limited edition series – primarily, artist monographs and theoretical anthologies.

The interconnected ecological, cultural, social, and economic global crises (Climate Change just being one significant symptom), have now emerged as a poignant and critically relevant presence throughout the arts and cultural sectors across the world. It is therefore timely and necessary that Gaia Project has arrived.

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