The World After: David Blandy

Roleplaying post-humanity as they forge a new world after the climate cataclysm

The World After is a collaborative game, played with a group of people taking on the roles of different members of the various societies of Fain as they venture out of their Havens into the new world. A Mentor, who guides the players through this verdant but dangerous land, sets the scene and acts as other creatures and characters in Fain. The Mentor devises the scenarios, engineers how the characters meet, and then uses the game rules to help oversee how the characters interact with each other, flora and fauna they encounter, and the world around them.

This is more that just a book, taking the form of a table top role-playing game rule book. It is David Blandy’s first artist publication devised with the gaming communities of South Essex.  It features original artwork and new stories imaging a time after a climate cataclysm.

The lead game design is by Matt Goulson, with additional content and game testing by Gary Bates, Claire Collum, Merline Evans, Ryan Hays, Tom Houghton, Thomas Love, Kate Monson, Mark Smith, Taylor Jack Smith and Sara Rocha. Included here are texts by Gary Bates, Merline Evans, Mervyn Linford and Tom Houghton.

The book accompanies The World After by David Blandy, showing at Focal Point Gallery (26 October 2019 – 26 January 2020).

Printed in an edition of 500 copies.

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