The transmission of forms

Roberto Capucci for young designers

Palazzo Morando, a museum and research space dedicated to ‘Fashion Image Costume’, presents eight sculpture dresses and twenty unreleased sketches by Roberto Capucci. These pieces are the opposite of the antique clothing of the museum collection.

The creations of young designers – finalists in the Roberto Capucci for young designers competition – are presented alongside the clothes that inspired them.

This publication identifies and highlights the influences by the interpretation of contemporary paintings, clothing and items of furniture, past and present, in a continuous discovery-comparison.

Clothing becomes the main focus of the drawings, paintings, social, historical and artistic context, that allows the reader to enter into the intimate logic of the apparel: into its form, technique and production methods, used in its material composition.

Published on the occasion of the exhibition at Palazzo Morando, Milan, 9 – 14 April 2013.

English and Italian text.

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