Improvisations with Paul Burwell

Paul Burwell was infamous for exuberant fusions of fine-art installation, percussion and explosive performance.

In 2010, an event called TAPS combined film, installation and performance, portraying layers of interpretation from more than 80 collaborators, in response to Burwell’s poem ‘Adventures in the House of Memory’, which was the last work Burwell recorded before he died in 2007.

The film was shown as part of a vertical split screen installation on a 18 x 12 foot screen, designed and constructed by Richard Wilson specifically to complement the architecture of Dilston Grove where the event took place. Diverse live performances occurred at various times across TAP’s three-day run. Each performance reflected Burwell’s ethos of exploration and inter-connectivity within the framework of Burwell’s poem, the film, Wilson’s installation and the remarkable architectural space of Dilston Grove.

The DVD TAPS is the original film (59′ 50”) shown at Dilston Grove viewed as a horizontal split screen, designed expressly to be seen on a television or computer monitor. In the second DVD PAST, Paul’s notebooks of over 30 years are used to create a dialogue with him.

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