Richard Grayson

By Our Own Hand

A book published as part of By Our Own Hand, a project by Richard Grayson, featuring an introduction by the artist, full-page colour reproductions of 42 embroidered panels, documentation of the creative process, and a specially commissioned essay by writer Jes Fernie. The book has been designed by Phil Baines.

Accompanies the first exhibition in Matt’s Gallery’s new space in Nine Elms, By Our Own Hand, 1-3 Jun 2018, Matt’s Gallery, Nine Elms, The Residence, 42-44 Ponton Road, London, SW8 5BA.

By Our Own Hand is an artwork made with the participation of individuals and organisations in Wandsworth. The starting point of the work is a cross-stitch tapestry made by Richard Grayson between Christmas 2012 and Easter 2015. Working with stitching, appliqué, or other techniques involving textiles and cloth, participants have developed, designed and made individual panels. Brought together these form the component letters of the phrase “Boredom Is Always Counter-Revolutionary“, originating from a text by writer and filmmaker Guy Debord.

The work references the practice of Italian conceptual artist Alighiero e Boetti’s series of iconic embroideries, produced in the latter part of his career and made by Afghan embroiderers.

The participants are a combination of individual makers and hobbyists, as well as members of community groups. Regular meetings throughout the project have been led by embroiderer and educator James Hunting with Richard Grayson, kindly hosted and supported by the R.O.S.E Community Clubroom, Wandsworth. The project has been managed by Katrina Black.

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