Ori Gersht

Artist Book

Conceived by Gersht as a piece of work in its own right, this boxed set with a foil-embossed case contains a softback text volume by Robert Rowland Smith, and three hardback volumes which each take a separate Gersht film work as its subject All three disguise dark themes beneath seductive or hypnotic imagery.

Will You Dance For Me shows an elderly dancer, swaying in a rocking chair, slowly recounting her experiences in Auschwitz. Evaders explores Walter Benjamin’s ill-fated escape from Nazi occupation along the mountainous Lister Route. Offering presents a matador preparing for a bullfight and expectant audience.

These intimate books examine the thought process behind the making of each film and create a seamless visual narrative. Each volume combines sources that have influenced Gersht including film stills, screen grabs, music videos and art historical paintings with his own drawings, sketches, photographs and previous works he considers significant.

Published alongside Ori Gersht’s first major UK museum show, This Storm is What We Call Progress, Imperial War Museum, London, 25 January – 29 April 2012.

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