Neat Stuff

Leo Fitzmaurice

This is Leo Fitzmaurice’s first solo publication.

It considers a body of work developed from packaging, flyers and magazines. For an artist often working with discarded print and graphic design, this book gives him scope to creatively turn the material he uses back to the printed medium.

A wide range of images, sculptures and installations explore the bombardment of visual information within our daily lives. By subtly reworking printed matter such as Malborough cigarette packets, Tesco Value cereal boxes and Littlewoods’ catalogues, Fitzmaurice questions how the world around us is constructed and considers our place within it.

He states: ‘we will be the first generation to suffer from receiving too much information’. Text is painstakingly concealed or removed, revealing the nature of this graphic material. No longer blinded by information, the viewer concentrates on these remarkable objects and images, transformed into delicate sculptures and dramatic floor pieces.

Insightful essays by Jo Applin, Sarah Brown and Graham Parker offer complementary perspectives on this surprising strand of Fitzmaurice’s practice.

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