Monica Bonvicini

Anxiety Attack

Monica Bonvicini has emerged as one of the most exciting artists working internationally today. For Bonvicini, space is never neutral. Through her objects, films and installations she interrogates our physical and psychological relationship to architecture and the built environment: floors are broken up, walls are smashed in, spaces are built within spaces. A potent mix of provocation, playfulness and intellect, her work tears away at the order of architecture to reveal something intrinsically disordered and sexualised. Anxiety Attack is Monica Bonvicini’s first solo exhibition in the UK. It includes new and recent sculptures, installations, videos and text works. Includes an essay The Poetry of Desolation by Suzanne Cotter. Modern Art Oxford with Tramway. Edited by Suzanne Cotter and Miria Swain. Preface by Suzanne Cotter, Alexia Holt and Andrew Nairne.

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