Lothar Baumgarten


Every traveller treasures their recollection of the Venetian chimneys that have, since the Middle Ages, made the roof skyline of Venice so unmistakable. These ‘masterpieces of an engineering art of fire’ were so constructed that flying embers could not spark a raging blaze. The diversity of their shape and design had already been preserved on the panoramic canvases of the Renaissance artists Giovanni Bellini and Vittorio Carpaccio.

Now Lothar Baumgarten has taken the opportunity to assemble a series of his impressive black-and-white photographs of Venetian chimney pots from the years 1983/84 and 1999 into this book, accompanied by a text: ‘Their formal vocabulary recalls upended bells…Akin to the funnels of horns, trumpets or trombones and similar to blaring fanfares, they stretch their festive calyxes aloft into the blue of the Adriatic sky’.

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