Loretta Fahrenholz

Small Habit Revolution

For ‘Small Habit Revolution,’ artist and filmmaker Loretta Fahrenholz has created two new pieces that address key feminist works of the 1940s and their transfer into various Internet formats.

The publication mirrors both works: ‘Story in Reverse’ is a multi-part slide installation based on Ilse Aichinger’s ‘Mirror Story (1949),’ a linguistic experiment that narrates a young woman’s tragically failed life.

The second work also involves the death of a young woman. This is Maya Deren’s avant-garde film classic ‘Meshes of the Afternoon,’ which shows a woman’s nightmare. At the end she commits suicide.

Accompanies the exhibition ‘Loretta Fahrenholz: Small Habit Revolution’, 12th July – 7th Oct 2018, mumok – Museum moderner Kunst, Vienna.

German and English text.

Co-published with mumok.

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