Idris Khan

Conflicting Lines

Conflicting Lines was published to accompany an exhibition by Idris Khan at Victoria Miro, London, in spring 2015.

Working across mediums including sculpture, painting and photography, Khan’s work is a continuous process of creating and erasing, adding new layers whilst retaining traces of what has been.

Often addressing philosophical or metaphysical themes in his work by superimposing many photographic moments into one single image, he creates an expanded sense of time.

For this exhibition he produced large-scale composite photographs made from a series of oil stick paintings, and a series of five 12 x 16 inch platinum prints, whereby a negative is made the same size as the finished image; it is then contact printed onto a sheet of paper painted with platinum and iron salts, and finally exposed in daylight, furthering Khan’s interest in pushing the boundary between painting and photography.

This publication features a poem by Imtiaz Dharker.

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