I exist (in some way)

An exhibition featuring the work of 11 contemporary artists, I exist (in some way) was developed by the Bluecoat in partnership with LOOK/13, Liverpool’s international photography festival, the Liverpool Arab Arts Festival, and Belgian nomadic arts organisation Moussem.

The exhibition responds to the theme of LOOK/13,  ‘Who do you think you are?’ and presents a platform for subjective reflection. The title was inspired by the words of Syrian photographer Issa Touma. When asked if he described his work as political Touma replied, ‘everything in the Middle East can be political if you have censorship. They do not like the freedom I have, but they also do not have much choice. I exist in some way. They cannot cancel me, so they need to accept me.’

Touma’s insistence on being is infused with ambiguity and uncertainty. If identity is not fixed in time and place, then what ‘ways of being’ are possible?

Published on the occasion of the exhibition I exist (in some way) at the Bluecoat, Liverpool, 18 May – 14 July 2013.

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