Hiroshi Sugimoto Glass Tea House Mondrian

Hiroshi Sugimoto

Glass Tea House 'Mondrian'

Although Hiroshi Sugimoto is primarily known for his photography, his practice extends across a wide range of media, including sculpture, installation, and traditional forms of Japanese theatre.

Glass Tea House ‘Mondrian’ is Sugimoto’s first architectural work in Europe. He has built a pavilion of extraordinary beauty in a formerly unused space on San Giorgio Island, Venice. The tea house — a house on stilts and rocks, surrounded by water — brings to mind the many islands that make up Venice.

After the tea ceremony, visitors exit the courtyard through another Japanese garden, in which Sugimoto has carefully placed found local architectural fragments. Like Sugimoto’s photographs, this work conveys a meditative, almost religious atmosphere: it is an oasis of calmness that invokes time and memory.

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