Heaven Can Wait

Steinbrener/Dempf & Huber

The climate crisis causes floods, forest fires and the extinction of species, a pandemic paralyzes large parts of the world. At the same time, we observe how emissions worldwide are falling due to the lockdown-related standstill and how the situation for the animal world relaxes in some now deserted habitats. How is the future going to look like?

The artist collective Steinbrener/Dempf & Huber deals with this question and develops visions of the future, which it stages in huge dioramas.

The artists use the extensive collection of animal preparations of the OÖ Landes-Kultur GmbH in Linz as a basis.

Their works intensively deal with the precarious relationship between man and nature; they are utopian, ambiguous and sometimes grotesque, full of humorous allusions and quotes from the history of nature, art and pop.

Published on occasion of the exhibition of the same name at Schlossmuseum Linz, 25 March – 3 October 2021.

English and German text.


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