Gregor Schneider


Gregor Scheider’s work is about rooms – visible and invisible, doubled and duplicated, labyrinthine rooms within rooms.

Rather than following a particular principle, he observes the effects that interventions in the common logic of existing architecture have on our perception. The result is frightening, disorientating and in an uncanny way, magically fascinating.

Presented here, on numerous colour plates, are two tours that are characteristic of his work. These nightmarish trips lead us through suppressed subconscious experiences, through ‘black holes’, familiar yet sinister spaces, oversized, walk-in sculptures with rooms that are doubled or duplicated through mirrors and doors.

The perception of time and space becomes warped and the idea of the artistic original is scrutinised by this continual doubling and repetition.

This book, the most comprehensive monograph on Gregor Schneider to date, was designed and photographed by the artist himself.

Published on the occasion of the exhibition at Museum Abteiberg, Germany, November 2008 – July 2009.

English and German text.

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