Derek Jarman


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The British painter, film-maker, set designer and author Derek Jarman is well-known to a wide audience, particularly as the director of distinctive films and music videos. Less widely known, yet a decisive part of his oeuvre, are the Super 8 films that Jarman made in the 1970s and 80s.

Recorded from the subjective-personal perspective of his handheld camera, the staged compositions convey Jarman’s artistic position, in which life and art constantly, and naturally, connect with one another. The stills from Derek Jarman’s Super 8 films are published here as a series for the first time.

I believe that we need a cinema that includes more of what is called ‘self indulgent’ and less of theory. We would have a much more vibrant cinema if people actually explored who they were. (Derek Jarman)

English and German text.

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