This is a ‘Notebook for Change’ and a product of StadtFabrik. It is a tool to bring about change, a notebook designed to be used, passed on and shared, to enable people to learn from each other. It aims to motivate people to think of and implement their own and new ideas for a city fit for the future and with a high quality of life.

StadtFabrik aims to set in motion a lever for change, to effect design right where a transformation for the future is ultimately taking place: in the city and among us as people. The instructions in the notebook are a prompt for persons to tread new ground and find alternatives. They are enlivened by the ARTIVIVE app and provide for further surprises in the book.

StadtFabrik is a ‘real-time’ research laboratory for new areas of work in the creative economy, which focuses on the discovery and visualization of future urban potential in Vienna and elsewhere.

The format is a collaboration between the MAK — Austrian Museum of Ap- plied Arts/Contemporary Art, Vienna Business Agency and the IDRV — Institute of Design Research Vienna.

Through the collaboration, strategies and tools for positive change are being developed, which were originally formulated based on questions and instructions for sustainable change in the form of a participative notebook.

English edition.

Design by LWZ/Sebastian Pataki.

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