Christian Wassmann

Sun Path House and Other Cosmic Architectures

Part monograph, part manifesto, Sun Path House and Other Cosmic Architectures is the first comprehensive publication from Christian Wassmann.

Centred around the Sun Path House in Miami Beach (2015), this book presents projects originating from the interconnections of the arts, a love for geometry and an awareness of the cosmos.

It draws parallels between current technologies, ancient knowledge and sustainable materials while highlighting sensibilities far beyond the visible.

While some of the projects are mere ideas, illustrated throughout the publication, Wassmann seeks to communicate the symbiotic relationship between spirituality and self-expression, and its connection to nature to discover the many possibilities of architecture and design.

Wassmannʼs practice embodies the architectural ideal he witnessed at the Jantar Mantar observatories in Jaipur, India, where everything designed and constructed connects individuals to one another, to themselves, and to the cosmos.

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