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Art + Care

A Future

*This title is now out of print*

Art + Care: A Future is a publication that speculates on future alliances between the fields of art and elderly care.

The book is based on essays by key thinkers on issues of ageing and the future, and is contextualised by case studies from five years of the Serpentine Gallery’s work in placing artists, designers, researchers and architects in the field of elderly care through the project Skills Exchange: Urban Transformation and the Politics of Care 2007–2012.

Beyond providing a service for the role of the care sector, the contributors argue that art has a role to play in challenging the marginalisation of the aged, while ageing provokes fundamental questions to the field of art.

This book includes theoretical, artistic, curatorial and sociological reflections from Marcus Coates, Alex H. and St. John’s Hospice, Beatrice Gibson and Camden Homes for Older People, amongst various others.

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