An English Journey

Andrew Cross

An English Journey is a combined book and DVD project by the artist Andrew Cross. Published to coincide with Cross’ video and photographic exhibition 3 hours from here it casts a typically adroit and observant eye over the changing face of the English landscape and its ever-expanding road transport network.

Following the route (from Southampton to the North West of England) followed by J.B. Priestley in his 1930s state-of-the-nation travel book English Journey, it closes in on that increasingly ubiquitous mainstay of the contemporary English road, the long-distance container lorry.

Featuring essays by the renowned social historian and geographer Doreen Massey, and by project curators Steven Bode and Bernadette Buckley, this beautifully designed small-format publication also incorporates extracts from Priestley’s original text. The accompanying DVD includes a special interactive and extended version of Cross’s video record of the journey, 3 hours from here.

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