Abraham Cruzvillegas


Autoconstrucción accompanies Cruzvillegas’ exhibition at CCA Glasgow, the result of a six month joint residency at CCA and Cove Park by the Mexican artist. In the exhibition, the artist charts the evolution of his family’s house and finds, in its making, the roots of his current sculptural practice.

Cruzvillegas was brought up in an area of Mexico City called Ajusco. Driven by necessity the community was built through collaboration which bred a system of social and political solidarity. It was a culture of hybridity and the model of construction became intertwined with the model for living.

For Abraham Cruzvillegas that context provided a metaphor for the self-conscious process of creating an identity and methodology for the construction of his artistic practice.

In Autoconstrucción he draws together a diverse series of elements including an exhibition, a series of musical performances, a ride across a city and a book, and through all of this work, it is the concept of sharing that is a key element, framed by a makeshift DIY aesthetic.

English and Spanish text.

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