Zheng Bo


‘Wanwu I’ delves into Hong Kong-based artist Zheng Bo’s ongoing cultivation of deep kinships with the living beings we humans share our Earth with, plants in particular.

This publication explores the aesthetics, erotics, politics, and eco-sensibilities of plant life, but also the potentials of incorporating the inclusive, collaborative qualities of wanwu—which means “ten thousand things,” “myriad happenings,” or “more than human”—into both everyday life and art institutions.

Includes interviews with Stephanie Rosenthal, Matthias Rillig, Phillip E. Bloom, Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stevens.

Published on occasion of ‘Zheng Bo: Wanwu Council 萬物社‘, 21 Jun – 23 Aug 2021, Gropius Bau, Berlin, after a year of Zheng Bo being artist in residence at the museum.

Zheng Bo was born in 1974 in Beijing. He lives and works on Lantau Island, Hong Kong.

Co-published with the artist.

Further information, taken from the Gropius Bau website:

We cannot continue living in the fantasy that humans own this planet. How can art institutions move towards a more-than-human future?” – Zheng Bo

Interview: ‘“How Do Plants Practice Politics?” – Zheng Bo answers 7 questions on the occasion of his exhibition “Wanwu Council 萬物社”’

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