World Images 6

We see the world in pictures and develop our own view of the world from these. For 10 years World Images, a series of exhibitions featuring contemporary international photography, has been offering opportunities to get closer to others but also to oneself.

World Images 6 targets the human being: How we gain orientation and find points of reference, how we manipulate and are forced to rely on our own resources, how we experience community and our sense of self.

In geographical terms, the sixth edition of World Images covers all five continents and sub-continents with the exception of Australia. These are images that confront us with our very selves.

Thus, for example, they make us aware that in big cities, just as in suburban no-man’s land and indeed in a primeval forest, a feeling of forlornness threatens. However, the aim is also to confront this feeling with open eyes: to enter into a relationship with that which unsettles and manipulates.

English and German text.

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