Under the Roof

Ayse Erkmen

Foreword by Jonathan Watkins.

This catalogue accompanies the first exhibition of work in the UK by Ayse Erkmen. All her work is informed by a philosophical scepticism, conveying as it does extraordinary ambition and a fine intelligence.

For Ikon gallery, Erkmen introduces a horizontal plane at a level of average head height in order to create a false ‘ceiling’ unifying three distinct rooms with one gesture. Coloured silicon cord is laced in thousands of parallel lines wall to wall, suggesting a surface of a fluid medium finding its level to submerge the occupants and contrasting with the distinct gothic details in the real ceiling.

Light from above shines through the threaded structure casting shadows across the floor and walls; the coloured silicon plane bisects windows through which light floods in from the side. Viewers are caught up in a matrix of lines, a web of light that dramatically transforms an essentially simple architectural space.

The catalogue includes a conversation between Ayse Erkmen and Andrea Schlieker, and a biography.

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