Tue Greenfort


In his exhibition Medusa, the Danish artist Tue Greenfort focused on the complex relationships between the spread of monoculture and its consequences such as the loss of diversity and habitats, both in nature and in urban public space.

How do we define our role in the world? This is the question asked Tue Greenfort, who sees humanity as a marginal part of a far greater whole and who identifies a close link between the question of progress — be it technical, cultural or interpersonal — and our ability to rethink our position in the world.

Greenfort’s works reflect his interest in issues of ecology and economics: thinking in global terms, he examines our approach to environmental protection and biodiversity, to resources and sustainable development in view of dwindling supplies of certain materials, relating these themes to the system of art.

This catalogue presents a detailed overview, not only of this group of works, but also his extensive research material.

Published retrospectively after the exhibition Tue Greenfort: Medusa at Vienna Secession, September – November 2007.

English and German text.

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