Melanie Jackson & Revital Cohen

In Transformism, Melanie Jackson and Revital Cohen reflect on our compulsion to alter and shape the materials, objects and living entities around us. They wonder at our ingenuity, and contemplate our relationships with biology and matter as they are radically transformed by human agency, whether the impulse is artistic or scientific.

Melanie Jackson’s investigations into mutability and novel forms are rooted in her awareness of the visual, sensual, historical, political and scientific aspects of materials, and her interest in the intertwined role of myth and fantasy with aesthetics and plant technology.

Revital Cohen’s work explores themes relating to nature, technology, and human behaviour and motivation. In particular, living creatures that are produced and used as artefacts fascinate her.

Published on the occasion of the  exhibition Transformism at John Hansard Gallery, 22 January – 9 March 2013.

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