Theatres of the Real

Theatres of the Real presents photography from eight British-based artists whose unconventional works extend and redefine a tradition of British documentary photography.

Straddling the boundaries between fact and fiction, these images create a hallucinatory vision of contemporary Britain.

Many of the photographs in this important and timely book involve situations staged for the cameras: sets have been constructed, actors dressed in costumes and narrative scenarios invented.

Others work closer to the expectations of ‘straight’ photography: recording pre-existing scenes without direct intervention by the photographer. What unites them all is a sense of theatricality.

Ranging from melodramatic reconstructions to small tales of everyday domestic life, these images portray the world as a stage set in which we play out our stories.

Published to accompany the exhibition at FotoMuseum Provincie, Antwerp, 19 June – 30 September 2009.

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