The Object Quality of the Problem

On the Space of Palestine / Israel

The Object Quality of the Problem is an exhibition which examines the experience of space in Israel and Palestine.

The ‘problem’ is the use of space. The artworks are two-dimensional – film and photography – and the exhibition makes a wider point about the relationship of ‘new media’ (or of news media) to the sculptural field, and of sculpture to current affairs.

The works in question have a common focus on the ground. They are about the soil, about the landscape – its reality and its symbolism – and about the dirt. They are also about passage; about tracing a line, crossing the line, or enforcing a line. They are all, in their different ways, about the interpretation of space.

This is a short accompanying guide published on the occasion of the exhibition at Henry Moore Institute, Leeds, 1 June – 27 July 2008.

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