The Fifth Line

Steven Aalders interviewed by Robert van Altena

‘Look, the circumference of a painting consists of four lines. So the first line you place on the canvas as a painter is actually the fifth line. This is the essence of every composition, abstract or figurative’.

This idea and others are discussed in the interviews that Robert van Altena conducted with the painter Steven Aalders about art, and particularly abstract painting and how it relates to the world.

In addition to Aaldersʼ own work, the work of colleagues and predecessors is also discussed. Furthermore, links are established with other disciplines, such as literature, music, architecture and philosophy.

The book progresses like a journey, visiting topics such as originality, tradition, the creation of a work of art and its place in the world. In short, a broad spectrum that goes beyond the work of Aalders himself and offers a worldview of our time.

The Fifth Line is lavishly illustrated, with a wonderful and surprising design. Renowned designer Irma Boom has chosen to place the images within the text.

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