A-Z of Emotions

Emotional Learning Cards

This resource supports creative emotional learning with any age group.

The cards contain 26 newly commissioned original artworks created for the A to Z project by six contemporary artists from diverse backgrounds. They feature a carefully balanced mixture of mediums from cutting edge digital montage to more traditional pencil drawings and painted works.

The artists were commissioned by Iniva and thus reflect an interest in global art and practice as well as an engagement by and from the artists into the world of emotions and how if feeds into art and its production.

The themes covered have been selected to build on and expand the basic emotional vocabulary. The commentary and open questions posed leave room for adapting the themes to more specific subjects especially those related to experiences of race, class, culture and gender.

The cards can easily  be used as an informal teaching tool by parents and educators. Therapists or pastoral staff can take the exploration deeper to  explore more complex feeling states and more personal experiences.

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