Tatiana Trouvé

Il Grande Ritratto

Tatiana Trouvé creates worlds where no language is needed. Cast in architecture, reflecting the artist’s echo and existing, surrounded by parapraxes, secrets and hidden messages, in emptiness, structures full of doubt, expectation and fantasy are formed.

That the artist should refer to the novel Il Grande Ritratto by Dino Buzzatti in this world without words she explains thus:

‘The story is a literary exploration of a term that is particularly important to me: secrecy, the secret as a place of exile… In this fantastic story about secret things, the naming of things is not necessarily most important in terms of understanding them. As the characters in the story put it, ‘every language is a trap within which thinking is caught’ and ‘language is the worst enemy of mental clarity’.’

Published on the occasion of the exhibition Tatiana Trouvé: Il Grande Ritratto at Kunsthaus Graz, February – May 2010.

English and German text.

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