Simon Periton

British artist Simon Periton is known for his intricate paper cut-outs, but has recently expanded his technique to create dramatic and complex works on glass with spray paint.

To create these glass paintings Periton uses the remnants of previous cut paper works as stencils and combines them with new found images such as a Spanish flamenco dancer, British Royal Family portraits from the seventies, a selection of old flower arrangements and Israeli soldiers clearing Jewish settlers.

Through multiple layering and the mutation of one image into another, Periton creates a hypnotic collage of his particular visual vocabulary. Strange metamorphic creatures appear out of the shadows, caught in spaces somewhere between landscape and domestic interior.

This book, containing over 30 illustrations, is the first to document and investigate the development of these glass paintings. It includes a text by the British writer and novelist Michael Bracewell that draws on Periton’s imagery, craft and plethora of sources and influences.

English text.

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