Sian Bowen


Siân Bowen’s recent work reflects her interest in the potential of damage in relation to the creative impulse – the paper support of her drawings acts as a skin subjected to burning, folding, stiffening, staining. Materials are retrieved and surfaces reconstructed as part of the making process. Wallpapers and plaster are removed from disused spaces and hidden layers are revealed and used as surfaces on which to draw. The inherent history of the material becomes part of the content of the work.

The intimate aspects of some of this source material (which also includes hand-written letters) is explored both in relation to the artist’s drawn motifs and the public viewing of the final work. It also brings together a disparate range of images both imagined and sourced from various moments in time. Collectively these images give sense of a happening, which the viewer must then try to piece together – individually they talk about small acts of concealment and display.

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