Re-Visionen des Displays

(German edition)

This publication brings together different contributions by professionals from various areas of exhibition production.

The chief aim is to explore exhibition display, which is to be understood here not merely as ‘surface’ and impact design, but as part of a media compound in which all elements contribute consciously or unconsciously to the production of meaning. Today, exhibitions are considered a cultural practice which conveys values and norms and thus, implicitly, ideological concepts.

Taking the display into consideration in a critical ‘reading’ of exhibitions helps to shed light on relationships previously overlooked — between objects and space, text and image, the route through the exhibition and the public, information and emotional impact, stimulus satiation and participation, staging and resistant reception, communication media and information, art and commodity, ennoblement and contextualization.

Published with Institute for Cultural Studies in the Arts, MAS Curating, ICS, zhdk, and the migros museum für gegenwartskunst, Zurich.

German text.

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