Marcel Duchamp, Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, Gerhard Merz

This study of key moments in the history of ready-made and object-based art features Damien Hirst, Gerhard Merz, Jeff Koons and their shared historical point of reference, Marcel Duchamp.

Recently a poll of 500 British critics called Duchamp’s 1917 Fountain the most influential Modern artwork ever created. Even more recently, a man assaulted it with a hammer at the Centre Pompidou, confirming that, nearly a century later, emotions are still running high.

Object-based art, which grew into a major twentieth century trend and continues today, took its cue from the ready-made. Re-Object explores the continuation and transformation of both lines in contemporary artistic practice via large-format photographs and analytical essays on the artists.

English and German text.

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