Phil Brooks

60° North

Phil Brooks has long been intrigued by the idea of the North and the appeal of cold, often inhospitable environments. After initially considering how ‘the North’ might be defined, the artist decided to explore those countries, landscapes and communities that could be found 60 degrees North of the equator.

He then embarked upon a physical and spiritual journey that began on the Siberian border with Norway, through Scandinavia, to the Scottish Islands and beyond to the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland, Northern Canada and Southern Alaska.

Through Brooks’ extraordinary photographs and compelling commentary, we are able to share some of his experiences and develop a greater understanding of the lands and the people who occupy this northernmost part of the world.

Through this book he raises questions about stereotyping and westernization. His work reveals the complexity of these environments and his own passion and affinity for ‘the North’.

Published on the occasion of the exhibition Phil Brooks: 60° North at The New Art Gallery Walsall 6 June – 27 July 2008.

This title has been published by The New Gallery Walsall in collaboration with the University of Wolverhampton.

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