Paul Ramirez Jonas

This book surveys the American artist’s work over the last 10 years and offers insight into his fascination with mechanical and redundant technologies. The catalogue takes its name from a work in which Ramírez Jonas fabricated replica kites from the turn of the century. Attached to each kite is a clockwork camera that takes a photograph of the artist on the ground below. These photographs depict the isolated artist in an expansive landscape, the guide rope appearing like an umbilical cord connecting body to air.

Other projects featured include A Longer Day, in which he endeavours to prolong the hours of daylight by driving west into the sunset, lengthening the day by twenty-three seconds. Ramírez’s subtle humour and lightness of touch is communicated through the interviews and texts that shed light on this fascinating body of work.

Launched to coincide with the touring exhibition Paul Ramírez Jonas: Heavier than Air at Ikon Gallery, 4 June – 18 July 2004; and Cornerhouse, 23 July – 12 September 2004.

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