Maurizio Cattelan

Maurizio Cattelan is Dead: Life & Work 1960–2009

Maurizio Cattelan Is Dead is the first retrospective of the Italian artist’s work. Years before the artist’s actual death, Triple Candie presented a posthumous retrospective on the life and art of Maurizio Cattelan.

The exhibition, which looked like an educational primer on its subject, was conceived in the form of a detailed timeline with extensive wall-texts, all of which were factual and exhaustively researched.

The show included no actual artwork. Instead, it included photocopies and printouts of Cattelan’s work, a handful of sculptural recreations, surrogates that stood in for absent sculptures but which looked only marginally like the originals, props that function like biographical artifacts or fake prototypes.

Published retrospectively after the exhibition at Triple Candie, New York, 28 June – 23 August 2009.

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