Maryam Wahid


  “I am completely different now. I lived in Pakistan between 1962-1982, I feel I can’t live there anymore because the atmosphere of the place and people have changed so much. Pakistan will always be in my heart because it the country I was born in, where my parents were born and where my parents rest in peace. But the UK, this is where I live, this is where my husband is from and it is where my children were born.”— Nargis Wahid, formerly known as, Zaibunnisa.

This is Maryam Wahid’s first major exhibition in her home city of Birmingham. Zaibunnisa refers to the artist’s mothers name prior to emigrating from Pakistan to the UK in 1982, for an arranged marriage.  Zaibunnisa means ‘the beauty of women’.

At its heart, is the poignant relationship between the artist and her mother and their journey to Lahore together in 2019. It was Wahid’s first-ever visit to Pakistan and her mother’s first return visit in over twenty years.

English and Urdu text (includes Urdu poem).

Accompanies the exhibition of the same name at Midlands Arts Centre (MAC), Birmingham, Sat 5 Feb – Mon 18 April 2022.

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