Markus Uhr

Twelve Step Program

Markus Uhr is driven to that which goes unnoticed, to the forsaken, self-descriptive instant. He is in search of ‘non-moments’ or, as he puts it, ‘the white spots that hold the world together.’ Always carrying his camera with him, he finds images in his immediate environment which depict the gaps in our everyday lives.

In this publication, the artist uncovers a melancholy that Freud defined as ‘a sadness that cannot be specified and is not directed at anything,’ through his collages, photographs, and drawings. From the arrangement of the images, the configurations of series and sequences, varied possible readings emerge.

In 2007 Markus Uhr won the Guggenheim Award as well as the Swiss Art Award.

Published with the Kunstraum Walcheturm, Zurich.

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