Markus Schinwald

Both the content and the extraordinary layout of this publication leave the conventional, structured exhibition catalogue behind, and instead aspire the appearance of an encyclopedic volume in the style of late 19th-century publications. With its idiosyncratic character, the concept enfolds a specific connection to Markus Schinwald’s artistic method. A library of terms related to the idea of lexicons was chosen and explained through short definitions of approximately 800 words. The artist accompanies these definitions with images. Thoughtful comments and touching illustrations alternate throughout this diverse book.

Published on the occasion of the solo exhibition Markus Schinwald at Augarten Contemporary Galerie, Belvedere, Vienna  10 Oct 2007 – 27 Jan 2008, and Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Zurich 16 Feb – 18 May 2008.

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