Margaret Salmon

Margaret Salmon creates stylized portraits that weave together poetry and documentary. Focusing on individual characters in their everyday habitats, her slow-moving films capture the minutiae of daily life, infusing them with gentle grandeur.

Salmon portrays the common struggle of common people, constructing documents that represent characters in a social context. Her position is never aggressive nor intrusive, but balances intimacy with respectful distance, creating laconic yet moving works that are at once sober and lyrical, filled with a fragile sense of humanity.

This publication functions as a reader to accompany Salmon’s exhibition (Witte de With, May – August 2007). It contains an interview with the artist by curator Zoë Gray, an essay on Salmon’s films by Bina von Stauffenberg, a short story by Raymond Carver and an historical look at neorealism by film critic André Bazin.

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