Margaret Salmon


Conceived by artist and filmmaker Margaret Salmon, this publication is a tribute to a group of innovative sister cinematographas and to the analogue motion picture camera.

The book pairs an enquiry into women’s filmmaking practice with a comprehensive survey of experimental analogue technique across generations.

Nine filmmakers – Peggy Ahwesh, Betzy Bromberg, Rose Lowder, Babette Mangolte, Rhea Storr, Deborah Stratman, Alia Syed, Malena Szlam and Salmon herself, speak about the ways they use and think about their cameras, sharing technical knowledge and reflections on camera work to reveal their creative philosophies and intentions.

Included with the book is a separate manual: ‘An Artists’ Guide to Analogue Cinematography’. This learning pamphlet was written and photographed by Salmon, and includes step by step instructions to the loading and basic use of three cine cameras.

Published with Secession, Vienna, on occasion of the exhibition ‘Margaret Salmon: Monument’, 28 Apr – 18 Jun 2023.

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