Low Human Activity

Sof’ya Shuprova

This fanzine (or, artist’s book) was published on the occasion of Sof’ya Shpurova’s first ever solo exhibition, Low Human Activity which took place at The Holden Gallery, Manchester, UK in late 2019.

Shpurova presents a new series of paintings which derive from an accumulation of influences that span her native country’s connection with historical Russian Orthodox Icon painting and mysticism, as well as other overtly personal references that often depict the artist as a central figure in her own work.

She has an appreciation for contemporary paintings’ often complex discourse, its material properties, as well as ceramics’ alchemical transformational qualities.

The artist acknowledges time and issues of multiple temporalities in painting as an integral element to her thinking and methodology; her practice demonstrates a commitment to working at a slow pace, sometimes reworking old paintings through pentimento in many layers.

This artist’s publication is very limited to a first edition of 100 signed and numbered copies.

Edited and designed by Andrew Hunt, Sof’ya Shuprova and Zoe Watson.

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