Love is Colder than Capital

The Kunsthaus Bregenz group exhibition Love is Colder than Capital (2 February – 14 April 2013) brings together 16 artists who explore the interrelationships of economics and feelings in contemporary society.

Against this background and the mutual interdependence of art and society, the exhibition raises questions such as: How do artists address the relation between emotion and economy? How do they look on the latter’s assurances of sympathy? How do they reflect the ambivalence of personal and social empathy between the two poles of authenticity and staged seduction?

This catalogue accompanies, documents, and complements the exhibition by means of interviews with all the participating artists who present their positions and approaches to the subject. In addition, the publication contains theoretical essays from art historical and sociological points of view on the relations between emotions and economics in the contemporary world.

English and German text.

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