Lois and Franziska Weinberger

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essays by Tom Trevor, Eva Maria Stadler

This catalogue accompanies the first major solo exhibition in the UK for the internationally renowned Austrian artist-duo, Lois and Franziska Weinberger. The diverse media employed in their practice incorporates sculpture, found objects, text pieces, large-scale mural drawings and maps, slide works, photography, video installations and site-specific interventions. They often use the discarded materials of consumer society, or the ‘weeds’ that grow up around the edges of the city, to create a subtle poetics of the margins. Through a process of association, their work examines issues of urban existence, land use, attitudes towards and definitions of ‘nature’ and cultural production, incorporating an exhaustive understanding of botany with a keen perception of social structures in the urban environment.

The Weinbergers work revolves around the notion of the garden as a ‘perfectly provisional realm’. Within this temporary, shifting arena, they investigate the interaction between the unfettered forces of natural and cultural growth as they collide with social concepts of order and structure, imbued with the spirit of moral values.

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