Katharina Grosse

Seven Hours, Eight Voices, Three Trees

Katharina Grosse paints the world as it could be if we are to transcend its boundaries. Her paintings ask us how we want to live, how a world might look, in which the unfamiliar and unexpected take on radically experimental form. The exhibition Seven Hours, Eight Voices, Three Trees offers visitors an insight into the artist’s decades of exploration and research.

The index, listing 443 works, which Grosse selected after sifting trough her archive of works from 1987 to today, foregrounds the parallels to her panel and spatial works.

Whether installation, canvas or paper, the urgent question remains: How do spaces look that do not reify the world as a fixed referent but, instead, set it in motion, reverberating it like a membrane, until nothing remains in its place – not even the viewer?

Published on the occasion of the exhibition Katharina Grosse: Seven Hours, Eight Voices, Three Trees at Museum Wiesbaden, 10 July – 11 October 2015.

English and German text.

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