Josef Dabernig

Handwritten Copies

Josef Dabernig’s work is characterized by the exploration of systems of order: his program encompasses mathematics as well as architecture, development and urban planning, material science, and art theory. His formal operations often relate to behavioral patterns of a social reality he regards from a critical viewpoint.

Dabernig’s ‘writing works’ spans from copying scientific texts, city guides, and historical works to setting up statistical surveys and charting everyday habits and routines. For this publication he has chosen the two most extensive samples of ‘writing works’ he ever tackled; reproduced here in facsimile.

Besides F.X. Mayr’s Schönheit und Verdauung oder die Verjüngung des Menschen nur durch sachgemäße Wartung des Darmes, the volume includes a copy of the Italian architect and urbanist Vittorio Gregotti’s Il territorio dell’architettura.

The publication is part of the series of artists’ projects edited by Christoph Keller in collaboration with BAWAG Foundation.

English, German and Italian text.

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