Jonathan Meese

Totaler Metabolismus

Total Metabolism is, according to Jonathan Meese, the most passionate of all forms of metabolic process.

The radically progressive artist sees himself, and each and every one of his artist colleagues, as nothing other than that. ‘The human being is merely an animal that eats and shits’, which leads to Meeses definition: ‘All people are the same!

Anyone who rejects this law of nature seeks self-actualisation at any cost. They want to distinguish themselves from the rest of the human race through creativity and elevate this minimal personal difference to the status of a law.

Meese strikes against the zeitgeist phenomen on ‘creativity’ in a storm of propaganda with over 380 belligerent collages and hand-illustrated manifestos.

In this work, the ‘metabolic’ doesn’t criticise, rather it humbly recalls the proclamation of the most ultra-radical utopia of all time: the ‘Dictatorship of Art’.

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